Week #20.1

Yesterday was our last meeting before the beginning of two weeks of vacation in germany, which was reason enough for us to recheck the entire code, apparently. Also, I guess it had something to do with "security concerns", whatever that means. Anyway, remain calm and do not panic, we already terminated four days within said … Week #20.1 weiterlesen

Week #19.2

The Subject is evolving Looking at the newest recordings, one can clearly seen that the subject is now able to analyze and inspect objects or even potential prey. This is something to be very worried about, seeing as subject can now hunt and identify potential targets. The prototype is now more than ever becoming a … Week #19.2 weiterlesen

Week #18.2

New information came up showing new shocking issues with the prototype and the safety arrangements According to sources, who want to remain unnamed, the scientists have not planned the amount of power supplies right. Because of this it could be possible that there will be a security breakdown at the lab in about 51 days. … Week #18.2 weiterlesen