After last year´s success we had to take part in this year´s Eurobot competitions. This year it is all about an atom factory. Our robot should be able to differ between several atoms by their weight or their color (we decided to go by weight) and another robot has to activate an mechanical “experiment”.

In our weekly meetings we have already started to discuss several things. Firstly we decided to use suction cups in order to weight the atoms.

Secondly we have already started to build the bigger robot, so we had to decide, whether we should use a belt system or a chain system to drive our bot. We figured out, a belt system would be much easier to repair and take care of, so we took the belt system. Also our steppermotors are much bigger than last year.

We are very happy to be able to compete again! Let´s get this year´s journey started.

(author: Leonie)

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