How SAM is built up

SAM is made out of a base surrounded by a wooden casing. It was designed by one of our team members and decorated with the MAI logo by another. The base itself consists of the built-in sensors, an Arduino Uno and the radio module (NRF24L01) for communication and it is powered by a solar panel. … How SAM is built up weiterlesen

Student Robotics kickstart event

This week we took a look at the environment of our programs we will use for modelling our robot and writing our code. On 26 October, the kick-start event of student Robotics 2020 started. The event gave us near information about the competition in England. Unfortunately the official rules aren’t published yet. Hopefully it will … Student Robotics kickstart event weiterlesen

Eurobot rules finalized

This week the final rules got published which made us very happy. Now we can devote ourselves to fine-tuning the design. So, our smaller bot now definitely has its wheels in the middle of its side. We also calculated the pressure that will weigh on the ball casters. Furthermore we decided to place some of … Eurobot rules finalized weiterlesen

Participating in Schüler bauen Roboter 2019/2020

Hey! As every year we are going to participate in the robotics competition „Schüler bauen Roboter“. We are currently a brand new team of 6 members aged between 13 and 15. Also we are looking forward to getting our problem’s description in November. The team is excited to start this round! (author: Leonie)