SAM is made out of a base surrounded by a wooden casing. It was designed by one of our team members and decorated with the MAI logo by another. The base itself consists of the built-in sensors, an Arduino Uno and the radio module (NRF24L01) for communication and it is powered by a solar panel. The base is responsible for reading all the data gained from the different sensors and then to transmit them to the mirror via radio signal. The mirror consists of an Arduino Nano, another radio module for receiving the data and an SD-logger. Originally we planned using a Nextion display for the mirror due to them being relatively cheap and easy to use. Due to some issues, we had to switch it out last minute and now replaced it with a Liquid Crystal Display with the measurements of 4×20.

The sensors for which we receive data are the following:

  • earth humidity sensor
  • air humidity and temperature sensor
  • gas sensor (output in LPG, CO, Smoke)
  • light sensor
  • pressure sensor
  • particle matter sensor (= fine dust)
  • So far we did not manage to install a functioning Geiger counter in SAM.

(author: Mattis)

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