weekly status update

We split into groups to work on our projects: One group for SAM and the other group for England. Our Student Robotics team discussed its current technical design. It will get a little finish thus it is easier to build. We did some filming for our SAM. It was quite some fun. Thank you to … weekly status update weiterlesen

SAM – in the spotlight

Last week we met twice after our regular classes to record some footage for a short film about the SAM. For filming, we managed to borrow great equipment such as adjustable lights from our school’s art department as well as a TV camera. Thanks for that! Furthermore we “built” or rather improvised a small green … SAM – in the spotlight weiterlesen

Student Robotics – the final sketch

This week we updated our robot by adding a safety switch that shuts down the robot in an emergency. Furthermore we tried to find out if the "hidden compartement" of our robot is big enough to hold the hardware. In addition, our software team tried to learn the programming language by writing their first code. … Student Robotics – the final sketch weiterlesen

Student Robotics – safety first!

Just a short update: Thinking about the size of the robot is crucial. Some years ago team MAI made the mistake of installing the safety switch a few days before the competition days. As a consequence, we were too big. We had to tamper with our robot at the competition to rebuild that part of … Student Robotics – safety first! weiterlesen

Student Robotics – communication tools and simulation progress

The members of our group are living in several different villages. Thus communication tools are very important for us. This week, we're expanding our social contact from WhatsApp to Discord and Google Drive. Our software team starts by reading the Python environment. We also found the first flaws in our initial design. Either the tokens … Student Robotics – communication tools and simulation progress weiterlesen

Schüler bauen Roboter – Waiting for the starting signal

Team Munich is currently working on other projects until we will get more information at our kick-off meeting. Next week we are going to get more informations about our project. Then we will begin with our robot by sorting things out and planning the whole thing. (author: Leo)