Student Robotics – first parts arrived

Christmas for robot enthusiasts means: The first parts of our robot arrived. And as "Tim The Toolman Taylor" knows: All you need is MORE POWER. 😉 The building process is up and running. We hope to deliver some more evidence of the progress soon. Stay tuned!

SAM – Exciting news – SAM is travelling to Finland

As usual for MAI we do not stop working just because it is Christmas Season. As one of our team members went on family holiday to Finland, he took the SAM with him. Luckily it arrived there fully functional because it was very well cushioned. We are excited to gain new insights on the trip. … SAM – Exciting news – SAM is travelling to Finland weiterlesen

Eurobot – layers of the big robot

After a lot of pressure at school, we continued working on the hardware of the big bot this week. The idea of using a frame of 2020 extrusions, which is composed of several layers, is similar to last year's. The heavy motors are located in the first layer in order to have a low center … Eurobot – layers of the big robot weiterlesen

SAM – reviewing SAM

Last Friday we hosted the chairman of the local association for environmental protection (Bund Naturschutz) in our school. We told him about the creative process involved in building the SAM, from the first drafts and prototypes up until its state as of now. Unfortunately, we could not provide him with an accurate demonstration of what … SAM – reviewing SAM weiterlesen

Student Robotics – first python experiences

This week our software team wrote their first line of code in python. Unfortunately we discovered new important problems we didn’t notice. Another point is we didn’t upgrade our model - hopefully we will have done it next week. The manufacture of our robot is starting. If everything works as intended, it will be a modular, wooden robot. We are still … Student Robotics – first python experiences weiterlesen

SAM – anemometer upgrade

Recently we have been pondering over how to make SAM a more approachable and practical project. During that process we came up with quite some exciting ideas which shall be revealed shortly, so stay tuned for that! In the meantime, we decided to build in another part, an anemometer to be exact, in order to … SAM – anemometer upgrade weiterlesen