Student Robotics – lines of code

This week we started with coding. This was one of our most difficult tasks because we have never written any code before. (Remember: Noone of our team has ever built a robot...) Luckily we got help from older students who have a lot of experience in coding. Thank you a lot! Additionally, we changed our … Student Robotics – lines of code weiterlesen

Student Robotics – mountings for our motors

Due to severe illness there were no updates to our progress on the website. We are going to catch up on the current status! Some time ago we upgraded our wooden robot with motors and fixed them with 3d printed mountings. Oh... yes.... We know... It is no masterly work. But noone of our team … Student Robotics – mountings for our motors weiterlesen

SAM – teaching children about SAM

A group of children (primary school age) visited us. These young children already engage in an environmental group. We made up several educational games. Thus they were able to learn about different climate conditions. Furthermore we built a "mini SAM" with each and everyone of them. It was an exhausting, but really fun day!