Schüler bauen Roboter – Sumo level 2

Hello everyone, it's time to go wild! This year's "Schüler bauen Roboter"-blog will be all about Team Sumo-Bot. Our team is made out of four pupils, ages 13 and 14. Here are our plans for now: Two of us will be working on building and equipping the bot the best way possible and the other … Schüler bauen Roboter – Sumo level 2 weiterlesen

SAM – finishing touches

Since our last SAM-related blog post a whole while back, we did some more tinkering in order to perfectionize its design. That being said, we updated almost the entirety of our code to our satisfaction AND redid all of the wiring in a much orderly fashion (maybe next time we'll have clean wiring from the … SAM – finishing touches weiterlesen

Student Robotics – Camera

We are finally back. Motivated and with a lot of energy we started this robotic season. It was an incredible feeling to see our friends again, after this difficult time. The first thing we did, is to make sure our robot from the last year still works and he is ready for further modifications. Speaking … Student Robotics – Camera weiterlesen