We are of course enjoying our vacation, but we haven’t stopped working on our sustainable development project: For example, we wrote a text about the SDG 16, why there was a need for it in the first place, what the problem is, how the SDG concerns us and what one can do about it.

We also are working on a quiz about all 17 SDGs (in the spirit of SDG 17, because you can’t set up Partnerships for the goal if you don’t know the SDGs, obviously…). With questions like “how can you produce a product sustainably” (SDG 12) or “what is the greenhouse-effect” (SDG 13) we want to test how much people know about them and how well they understand their spirit. The game idea is based on the “snakes and ladders” game (in German simply Leiterspiel).

We are also making a lot of progress on the technical side, but we can’t go into detail there yet.

(author: Yannick)

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