MAI Cup Junior: Starting the Robot Trials

This week we rebuilt the line sensors because they hadn`t worked properly. Finally, they do their job. We went on coding the bot. We coded more than 300 lines. The first code is almost finished. The bot can now drive through the maze. We are about to fit in the ball caster. The ball caster … MAI Cup Junior: Starting the Robot Trials weiterlesen

MAI Cup Junior: Colour Sensors

This week we managed to build in three colour sensors. With the help of those sensors, we can measure the intensity of the reflected light. The reflected light shows us the colour of the bottom of the maze. Those are the pieces of information we need so that our robot can follow the line. We … MAI Cup Junior: Colour Sensors weiterlesen

CanSat: Reworking the Parachute

At the moment we are processing the parachute because we accidentally miscalculated the required size and the cords were too thick. We've almost doubled the size of the parachute, thus the cansat should get the right rate of fall. We also use a different fabric that is better suited for sewing and sew with thinner … CanSat: Reworking the Parachute weiterlesen