Eurobot 2017/2018 – Competition Day 4

Dear Diary,

we enjoyed the finals today. It was a great show! Oh… and I visited our friends of Team TURAG. They showed me their main robot and I was allowed to do some riding with their lift… 🙂

Bye bye, James

Eurobot 2017/2018 – Competition Day 2

Dear Diary,

I only caught some sleep but I was allowed to sleep in the bed of Mommy and Daddy. Breakfast was great and we were lucky that the bakery was open. Full of eclaires, we started working at home and then drove to the competition. We had to skip the first round because we were not accepted yet. There is worse. Many people looked at me and made pictures of me. I guess I am kinda cute. My brothers worked hard and we finally got accepted by the judges. With pride and joy we wandered to the arena but the robot did not start during the match. We think the floodlights had to much infrared light in its spectrum. After that we arrived home, we wanted to eat something. BBQ was great.

Although the bot did not work my brothers worked the whole night.

Bye bye, James

(author: Tobias)

Eurobot 2017/2018 – Competition Day 1

Dear Diary,

Today was a great day with my family. First me and my daddy were ready to go, but mommy overslept her alarm. On my way to the airport I decided to do a travel diary but I needed some help from my brothers who were so kind to help me out taking my photos. I was really excited and my tiny dog heart was beating fast because it was my first real flight and you have to be excited before your first flight. I was filled with pride that both bots were easily accepted during the security check. Many people had big eyes when we, as a student team, traveled with two bots. During the flight, I felt a bit sick but now everything is OK.

My paws are already hurting so I will stop writing now. Here are some pics of my trip.

Bye bye, James

PS: Everybody here is calling me Jacques and I still don’t know what to think about that.

(author: Tobias)

Eurobot 2017/2018 – German Preliminary Round

28th of April, Dresden, 7am. Tired but excited Team MAI gathers at breakfast before starting off to the University, where the competition will be held.

We were stunned by the other teams equipment when we entered the workshop, where we would work on the code and the robots for the following two days. The teams from Aachen, Gießen, Hamburg and Dresden treated us quite nicely, since we were the only competitor not from a university but a school. Being „nice and adorable“, as we tried to appear, we improved the robots to make sure we will be approved by the referees. After we managed to have our big bot allowed in the competition, the focus was on fixing problems, also the design department of our team did their job and painted both of the robots star wars themed. Furthermore we published our poster…

After the very first testings we realized that the other teams struggled with the same kind of problems as we did, for example the bots not driving straight forward or the hardware getting too warm. Every team worked with 101% to solve these problems. We could fix some of them, and played the first few rounds. Our mindset was something like „as long as the robot halfways does what it’s supposed to be doing we’re better than ever“. After the first day, we were close to RCA from Aachen, only two points behind them. After a small break of grilling with the other teams, we kept working until close to midnight to be able to enter the final rounds.

29th of April, the second day starts equally as early as the day before. After breakfast our team of programmers already started off to have more time before the check by the referees, especially since the smaller robot still needed attention and lots of work. The rest of the team cleaned up their rooms arrived later and realized that our chances to achieve something were not even that small. Our first match of the day was the battle for 4th competitor in the half-finals, against RCA. Before, they did not get the allowance by the referees to compete with their big bot, and everything worked on our side, so we won this battle and now we were in the top four.

While two battles were played, a few others of the team kept working on the code and to solve the last problems.

Next, we played against RobOtter from Hamburg, whose robot refused to work and only drove out of the zone a little bit. And still, they were lucky. Our robots were not even started so they did not do anything. We had quite a chuckle about it, and noone was mad about each other.

Now, RobOtter was in the final against Turag from Dresden. But beforehand the third place had to be chosen, since this team is allowed to compete in France along with the two finalists. So it was MAI versus M.A.M.U.T from Gießen.

This thrilling match was won by us, but only by a tiny amount of points. The entire room cheered for us, and M.A.M.U.T, a nice and amazing team, congratulated to our win.

Being excited and happy we went back to the workshop room and cheered. A few of us called their parents to tell them about our success. Our teachers, who we thank for being amazing, were proud of us, almost crying of pride. After our blood preasure and adrenaline returning back to usual we realized that we now had to organize the trip to France. In the end, after all that excitement and happiness, we had to leave back home since the following day was a monday. On monday all we saw in the robotics team was tiredness, happiness and pride.

A big thank you to Turag for organizing this great event!

(author: Annika)

Exhausting weeks

We have daily meetings now. Yesterday we did some tweaking on the eurobot robot. The repositories received an update. Furthermore the automation panel is fully functional.

Today we finalized the robot for Schüler bauen Roboter. Hot glue can be your best friend. 😉 Let’s hope for a great competition…