Eurobot – holiday/vacation progress

Besides preparing for school, we used our free time during the autumn holidays for further progressing on our bots. First of all we want to thank Henrik, a Eurobot referee, who visited us a few days ago and gave us very helpful feedback on our robots. Last week we finally carved out where exactly we … Eurobot – holiday/vacation progress weiterlesen

Eurobot rules finalized

This week the final rules got published which made us very happy. Now we can devote ourselves to fine-tuning the design. So, our smaller bot now definitely has its wheels in the middle of its side. We also calculated the pressure that will weigh on the ball casters. Furthermore we decided to place some of … Eurobot rules finalized weiterlesen

Eurobot 2018/2019 – Short update on the big bot

The past two weeks we finally started to code seriously. We upload the code to our gitlab as soon as it passes our quality checks. 😉 We are also finished with debugging and the bot is able to move.The hardware is almost done, as well. This video shows the simulation of our suction system: Luckily, … Eurobot 2018/2019 – Short update on the big bot weiterlesen