Schüler bauen Roboter – Deferred until 2022/2023

The competition Schüler bauen Roboter is deferred until season 2022/2023 due to the uncertain course of Covid19 pandemic during the upcoming winter months. Durchgang 2022/23Es ist geplant, dass Schüler bauen Roboter im Schuljahr 2022/23 in die nächste Runde startet. We are looking forward to see you all again in season 2022/2023! Stay safe!

The Electronic Control Unit of the Sumo Robot

In the last week we have finished the electronic control unit of our robot. It consists out of a DC-DC converter for the power supply of the microcontroller, two motor drivers to control the DC-motors and two IR sensors. Our sumo bot is controlled by an Elegoo Uno and both IR sensors detect the white … The Electronic Control Unit of the Sumo Robot weiterlesen