Schüler bauen Roboter 2017/2018 – Visit of the Institute for Cognitive Systems and Presentation at the adveisor event

We had an awesome Monday. We visited the TU’s institute of cognitive systems. They showed us robots that move like a human being when you touch them. They were able to detect the touches because of their special sensor skin.

VR was also presented to us and they gave us the opportunity to try it out. The main goal of this simulation was to do stuff in the kitchen like doing the dishes or to set the table.

The last showing was robot soccer. These little robots kicked a ball towards a goal. They had a very funny way of standing up when they fell down.

After this we went to present our team and the competition winning robot to TU students.

Before and after the presentation we wachted some sumo-not-battles. Very exciting and fun to watch. 😉

(author: Christopher)

Schüler bauen Roboter 2017/2018 – Competition Day

Yesterday there was the competition at the Technical University of Munich. Our contestants were amongst others Team GObot, Team FOS and Team Boss. First we were introduced to the jury and the conditions for winning the competition, then the teams were given about 20 minutes to optimize the robot for the last time. Our robot had some issues concerning turning left and right after evading the obstacle due to some adhesive labels on the race track.

After a short break the competition started. We were the first to compete and present the robot. Unfortunately, our robot didn’t pass the ramp and needed some help. Still everything else went smoothly. The obstacle avoidance worked very well, too.

The other competitors had inspiring approaches, for example:

  • a way to trim their sensors to the black line depending on the incidence of light;
  • the try to build the ultimate low cost robot;

After the competition we were given a short break again for the jury to decide which team was the best. Then we had the presentation ceremony where our team was awarded first place! Hooray! 🙂 This means we will get the chance to present our robot to a large audience at the TUM on 11th June 2018. 😎

We thank the TUM for organizing this competition and providing us with assistance, the other teams for a fair challenge and the Micro Nova company for sponsoring us.

We are looking forward to competing again next year!

(author: Isabella)

Exhausting weeks

We have daily meetings now. Yesterday we did some tweaking on the eurobot robot. The repositories received an update. Furthermore the automation panel is fully functional.

Today we finalized the robot for Schüler bauen Roboter. Hot glue can be your best friend. 😉 Let’s hope for a great competition…

Schüler bauen Roboter 2017/2018 – The Look

We have finished the appearance. The concept is … cakes. That’s why we dress as bakers. The robot looks like a huge cake. The colors of the cake are yellow, orange, green and red. On top of the cake is a sign. The sign reads: „The cake is a mai“. 😎 The robot and its appearance are ready for the competition in Munich.

(author: Christopher)

Schüler bauen Roboter 2017/2018 – Passing The Test Area With Flying Colours

On Wednesday we had an extensive testing period. Following a line is more difficult than you might think it is. A big problem for us was bridging gaps in the line, because the range of the robot to look for the line was too small. To fix this issue we extended the area by driving foreward longer and then looking left and right. After that we tested the system which is responsible for evading obstacles in its way. We were quite surprised. It worked nearly perfect and only small corrections had to be made.

The highlight of the day was the first time the robot had to drive the whole race course we had built for it. After a couple of corrections of the circuit because of incorrect drawing of the line the final test was successful. Finally! We are ready for the competition!

(author: Christopher)

Impressions: Preparation For Competitions


And we are proud to be at our school preparing for our competitions. 😉 Both teams (the one for Schüler bauen Roboter, the other for eurobot) are doing their very best. Take a look how beautiful the little one on life support parks next to its older brother.


Schüler bauen Roboter 2017/2018 #5

After an extensive period of testing we`ve found a problem, which is that our motorshield decided to go up in smoke. The head of coding is the same person that is the head of hardware. The problem has been fixed last monday by replacing the motorshield. So we are good to go for the competition at the TU Munich.

(author: Christopher)