Competition Day #2.7

We would like to dedicate this short update to all the nice people, be it our competitiors or the blueshirts, who complimented us on our accomplishments. We recieved many positive comments on our website, feedback on our Youtube-channel and Github, the blueshirts were quite interested in our technical achievements. Best greetings to Jeremy from team MAI!

Last but not least, we want to thank the jury for the Team Image Award!


Competition Day #2.6

So that’s it for this year..
Sadly we were kicked out unlucky but still with our heads held high. Turning tokens worked pretty well at last, so we can be proud of our technical approach. We would like to thank all of our teammembers for their effords, especially our hardware- and softwareteam and of course our supportive and patient teachers who make our paticipation possible. A big thank you goes out as well to all the organizers and blueshirts who arrange this event every year. At least we can proudly say that we are the best continental european team, particularly the best german one.

Competition Day #2.4

In the last match: SUCCESS!!
Our code seems to be finally working as intended. We managed to score a point savely by rotating a token rightly which got us pretty confident right now. Of course, we will still be improving the code, but now we have a stable baseline to work with.

German efficiency – because three hands type faster than two