Student Robotics – the results

Congratulations to JAMDynamics for winning Student Robotics 2020! We are proud to be awarded with the Online Presence Award. Thank you very much! 🙂 We also encourage teams to share their progress towards their robots throughout the year. Team MAI from Gymnasium Markt Indersdorf earned the Online Presence Award for their ongoing blog posting during … Student Robotics – the results weiterlesen

Student Robotics – tough battles

Tough and exciting battles in the virtual Student Robotics competion! Doing great in the quarter finalsKnocked out in the semi finals This was our defeat in the semi final 1: Take a look at all the other streams! League Session 1League Session 2League Session 3League Session 4Knockouts and FinalFinal and Tiebreaker Thanks to Student … Student Robotics – tough battles weiterlesen

Student Robotics – learning to use servo motors

This week we made a huge progress. We are now able to grab tokens with our arm. It was the first time that we worked with servo motors but we think we did a fine job. What is your opinion? Unfortunately, due to the corona virus, the competition of Student Robotics is now at a … Student Robotics – learning to use servo motors weiterlesen

Student Robotics – Movement

We can drive! Despite the corona shutdown: We managed to drive - but there are still problems: One of them is to mount our arm on our robot to grab the necessary tokens during the competition. Additionally, we have somewhere a problem with our robot because whenever we start our robot, sometimes one motor is … Student Robotics – Movement weiterlesen

Student Robotics – lines of code

This week we started with coding. This was one of our most difficult tasks because we have never written any code before. (Remember: Noone of our team has ever built a robot...) Luckily we got help from older students who have a lot of experience in coding. Thank you a lot! Additionally, we changed our … Student Robotics – lines of code weiterlesen