Week #4

In this week, we mounted our 4 Omniwheels into our wooden chassis, and we are currently thinking about proper spots to install the ultrasonic sensors. Photos are coming 😉

We have also changed our website style (we are using WordPress now 😉 ), as you probably noticed as you are reading this blog entry.

Since we have many new team members this year, one of our main coders and now additionally rookie tutor is introducing them to Python. We are planning to use code where a part is written by our rookies.

Week #3.1

Today, since our teacher has been sick all week, only a few people have met at our weekly meeting. Since our two youngest members and the two rookie tutors were present, the tutors taught them basic python programming and found us a new URL for this website since it was not so memorable. The old one is "www.team-mai.sytes.net", the new one is "www.mai-robotics.de". Right now both are usable but the latter is preferred.

Week #2

In the last seven days, we've been upgrading our server hardware, so it's now way more pleasing to edit our network. Our coders finally started their work and are now analysing last years code to be well prepared. Meanwhile, our server administrator is slowly getting mad about unstable Debian 8.

Week #1

Today the entire team met for the second time. We discussed several questions which we brought up earlier this week, concerning the most basic questions. We figured out, that we are going to try out a new set of omniwheels this year. If you want to see how they work, be sure to check them out on Youtube (Omniwheels video). Furthermore we've been planning out our website and this blog. To keep our tasks organized, we also formed groups which we hope will improve our work-flow and help us keeping an eye over the situation.

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