SAM – teaching children about SAM

A group of children (primary school age) visited us. These young children already engage in an environmental group. We made up several educational games. Thus they were able to learn about different climate conditions. Furthermore we built a "mini SAM" with each and everyone of them. It was an exhausting, but really fun day!

SAM – impressions from Finland

Just to show you some impressions of SAM and its journey to Finland: SAM was tested in several locations. And we learned a lot from that trip to Finland. For example: Do you know that solar panels aren't the greatest idea during a long polar night? 😉

SAM – Exciting news – SAM is travelling to Finland

As usual for MAI we do not stop working just because it is Christmas Season. As one of our team members went on family holiday to Finland, he took the SAM with him. Luckily it arrived there fully functional because it was very well cushioned. We are excited to gain new insights on the trip. … SAM – Exciting news – SAM is travelling to Finland weiterlesen

SAM – reviewing SAM

Last Friday we hosted the chairman of the local association for environmental protection (Bund Naturschutz) in our school. We told him about the creative process involved in building the SAM, from the first drafts and prototypes up until its state as of now. Unfortunately, we could not provide him with an accurate demonstration of what … SAM – reviewing SAM weiterlesen