Student Robotics 2018/2019 – Starting To Work

We are glad to hear that the Student Robotics rules are finally available and we can start planning our robot. We are not ready to reveal any details about strategy or code but you can check out our GitLab in some time. Our code will be availible at the GitLab as soon as possible and … Student Robotics 2018/2019 – Starting To Work weiterlesen

Student Robotics 2016/2017 – Competition Summary

We just finished two videos on this years Student Robotics Competition from our point of view. We wanted to give this years competition a proper send-off and thought that by creating a nice sum up we might be able to conserve some of the fun times we had. This was our first day at the … Student Robotics 2016/2017 – Competition Summary weiterlesen

Competition Day #2.3

After the league matches which went pretty good in our opinion, we are ready for the knockout phase. In the photo, that was taken a couple of minutes ago, we sang happy birthday because of the tenth anniversary of Student Robotics. Congratulations! Hopefully Holy Barbara, patroness of the the mineworkers, is in our favor and … Competition Day #2.3 weiterlesen

Competition Day #2.2

After five difficult matches with some mixed results, we realized that the bot needed some rest. Some members of our team are also exhausted, due to all the funny gestures they make during the match, to get the bot going. We are all enjoing the break and getting ready for the next match. Watch the … Competition Day #2.2 weiterlesen