Eurobot 2017/2018 – Competition Day 2

Dear Diary,

I only caught some sleep but I was allowed to sleep in the bed of Mommy and Daddy. Breakfast was great and we were lucky that the bakery was open. Full of eclaires, we started working at home and then drove to the competition. We had to skip the first round because we were not accepted yet. There is worse. Many people looked at me and made pictures of me. I guess I am kinda cute. My brothers worked hard and we finally got accepted by the judges. With pride and joy we wandered to the arena but the robot did not start during the match. We think the floodlights had to much infrared light in its spectrum. After that we arrived home, we wanted to eat something. BBQ was great.

Although the bot did not work my brothers worked the whole night.

Bye bye, James

(author: Tobias)

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