Schüler bauen Roboter 2017/2018 – Visit of the Institute for Cognitive Systems and Presentation at the adveisor event

We had an awesome Monday. We visited the TU’s institute of cognitive systems. They showed us robots that move like a human being when you touch them. They were able to detect the touches because of their special sensor skin.

VR was also presented to us and they gave us the opportunity to try it out. The main goal of this simulation was to do stuff in the kitchen like doing the dishes or to set the table.

The last showing was robot soccer. These little robots kicked a ball towards a goal. They had a very funny way of standing up when they fell down.

After this we went to present our team and the competition winning robot to TU students.

Before and after the presentation we wachted some sumo-not-battles. Very exciting and fun to watch. 😉

(author: Christopher)

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