This week we successfully finished the design of the “Schüler bauen Roboter 2018-2019” robot and printed it out over the course for a few days. We have also begun to wire up some of the components. We are hoping to finish the hardware by Friday, so we can put our primary focus on the software side of things.

Our robot also has a cool new bonus feature. Our tactic of bumping around in the arena and hitting all the corners reminded us of the DVD-video screensaver. So we decided to include a color changing icon on the top of the robot. It’s exclusively cosmetic, but it was still a tone of fun to build. We soldered a little board consisting of 3 transistors and 3 resistors for the control of the RGB-LEDs.

We also worked on our presentation for the first meeting on 24 January 2019. We are very excited and can hardly wait to see what the other teams have in store.

(author: Daniel)

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